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Charlotte Troy’s creative practice is grounded in a curious and restless
exploration for knowledge and a passionate desire to share her findings.
Her independent nature has found her driving a career in fashion
communication and creative direction, publishing through her own
imprints and developing talks and events, and she is currently practicing
as an academic and artist. Charlotte holds a Senior Fellowship in Higher
Education at University of the Arts London and will begin a PhD at the
Centre at Art and Learning at Goldsmiths in 2021.

As a research-orientated educator her work addresses how philosophy
and contemporary theory can direct a creative and critical curriculum.
Charlotte’s pedagogic approach employs Paulo Freire’s ideas of co-
investigation which is achieved through various creative practices,
see What It Means to be Anti-fragile for Gen Z and Pleasure Activism.
Felix Guattari’s ideas of schizoanalysis and assemblage theory are used
as a methodology to craft her research.

Charlotte’s work is rooted in addressing student and facilitator wellbeing
through the transformative capacity of practising philosophy, arts and
humanities whilst recognising the key attributes to wellbeing as: agency,
self-expression, connection to others and our environment.

Charlotte also makes under the name Victorious Hermit. She currently
works in clay and textiles. This practice allows for a more personal
investigation of the ideas of subjectivity and our relationship to the