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 Home Sweet Home 102 

This was the first book I published:

  “Home Sweet Home is a kind of alt-Condé Nast
  thing, where nosiness about how others organise
  their nests is given intellectual legitimacy.”

  — Matthew Collings, The Guardian

Including an introduction from Richard Hamilton, an essay by Edgar Allen Poe
and photography from Wolfgang Tillmans, Mark Borthwick, Bless, Laetitia Benat
and Leah Singer. Home may be a house or an apartment or a cardboard box,
but it is never just that. It is not merely bricks and mortar, but rather something
far more abstract, something both physical and emotional. We all personalise
our spaces, invoking our own domestic aesthetics, creating an extension of
ourselves, a statement of our character, our historical and social situation,
and our aspirations. Home Sweet Home 102 investigates these and other notions
of home through texts, found photographs, commissioned artwork, and music.
Jay Davis’s fantastical interior-scapes are illustrated and discussed by poet
Max Henry; Wolfgang Tillmans contributes his first-ever still life together with
a collection of recent unpublished work; Edgar Allen Poe’s essay The Philosophy
of Furniture offers a picture of his perfect room; Art Nouveau graphic artist
Aubrey Beardsley decorates in dripping curlicues; and more. A surprise, too,
upon entering Home Sweet Home 102: out of its pages fall housing confetti,
small cutouts of house shapes from architecture and design magazines.