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 Memories Last Longer than Things 

School of Media and Communication,
London College of Fashion

“Memories last longer than things”, said James Wallman, author of Suffocation,
the book that argues that happiness comes from experiences, not from things.
Research informs us that we are entering into an epoch of post-consumerism
where the Millennials and Generation Z would rather spend their money on
shared experiences and show off those experiences above any ownership
of objects. This event brought together academics and Fashion Media and
Communication practitioners to addresses the ‘experiential’ through the lens
of communication strategy and aesthetics.

  Presentations & Panel: Designing/Defining
  Multi-Sensory Experiences

Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad (lecturer and practitioner in Communication Design 
for Fashion) led a discussion focusing on what the 'experiential' means in
terms of branded communication, and how one designs for a predetermined
‘affect’. His guests include Bompas and Parr who create multi-sensory
culinary events that deliver emotionally compelling experiences (clients include
Selfridges and Harrods) and Lucy Hardcastle a designer and digital artist who
focuses on tactility and sensorial aesthetics through digitally rendered design
and moving image (clients include Chanel, i-D and Alexander Wang).

  Panel: Technical Bodies and Embodiment
  in Fashion: Mixed Reality Aesthetics

The School of Media and Communications hosted the 7th Mixed
Reality Aesthetics Panel within this event. Beginning in Seoul (2010), then
taking place in Basel (2011), Sydney (2013), Adelaide (2013), Munich
(2014) and Fukuoka (2015) this panel continues previous discussions around
how we define aesthetics in the advent of recent embodied technologies,
this year with a focus on fashion, bodies and reality.

Image: Glow, Lucy Hardcastle, 2017