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 Print Matters 

School of Media and Communication,
London College of Fashion

Lucinda Chambers, Previously, Fashion Director of British Vogue headlined
a series of conversations on the aesthetics, ethics and production practices of
print publishing hosted at the School of Media and Communication, London
College of Fashion. 
Post-digital ecologies encourage analog and digital publishing to co-exist. It is
no longer the question of either/or, rather what are the particular aesthetic
forms, communication strategies and cultural contexts relative to each media,
and further how these framed messages are experienced for the audience.  
Three sessions were developed as follows:


Printed Matter and the Archive Senior research follow and archiver at LCF &
V&A, Susanna Cordner led a discussion that examined how publications are
embodied cultural containers that tell stories — not only through their content,
but also through their materiality. Panelists included Anna Howard, a book-
seller and publisher at Donlon Books, an independent bookshop in Hackney,
and Karen Di Franco, who works as an archivist and a curator.

  Presentations: Why Publish? Why Print?

Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, publisher of Vestoj, and Ben Freeman of Ditto
Press, are two very different publishers yet they share a fundamental desire
to explore the cultural phenomenon of fashion through the medium of print
publishing. Vestoj is respected as one of the leading independent and critical
voices within the heavily commercialised area of fashion publishing, whilst
Ditto explores subcultures through the publishing house and gallery space;
both do so with fierce independent spirit and complete creative autonomy.
This session chaired by publisher and curator Tom Clark explored their
individual practices and discussed the principles and practices of print
publishing within fashion culture.

  Lucinda Chambers and Fashion, Photography
  and the Aesthetics of the Printed Page

Charlotte Troy Interviews legendary Fashion Director of British Vogue, 
Lucinda Chambers who reflected on her experiences as a world leading
stylist and image-maker for magazines.

NB: Following my conversation with Lucinda at the school, Vestoj went on
to publish an interview in which she announced her ‘sacking’ and which
rocked the fashion world.