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Maria Fusco
Writer and editor of The Happy Hypocrite

Maria Fusco is a Belfast-based writer. Her book of short stories,
The Mechanical Copula (Berlin/New York: Sternberg), features
Donald Sutherland fucking a doll and two men eating a clown.
Maria’s latest book, Cosey Complex (Koln: Koenig Books), rethinks
seminal artist and musician Cosey Fanni Tutti from noun to verb.
She is founder/editor of the experimental writing journal The
Happy Hypocrite (London: Book Works), and Director of Art Writing
at Goldsmiths.

Who are you and what do you do for a living?
I don’t do much else except work, so I suppose
I’m a writer

Do you trust yourself?
That would be very foolish, wouldn’t it?

Where do you go when no-one is looking?
I used to go into the wardrobe, but it’s too full
of clothes now

What is your earliest memory?
Soaring through the air in a giant navy Silver Cross pram.
A hand grenade had exploded near it. The pram landed,
bounced, and saved me

What do you like the look of?
Monkeys, moles and Donald Sutherland

Were you a popular child?
I was extremely shy, so I have no idea whether
I was popular or not, I never talked to anybody

What sustains you?
Food, Vaseline and plenty of tap water

Where to go for the best late night cocktail
in London? Or a pint in the afternoon?

If you’re having a late night cocktail in London,
it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you
are getting served

Do you have a short anecdote for us?
Or a joke?

Can I tell you a story instead? Mama started it.
Piero pushed it. Sophia dodged it. Papa stayed
out of it. And Annunciata, well, Annunciata always
finished it

What is your favourite sound?
A quare thick Belfast accent

What do you regard as the lowest depth
of misery?


What do you regard as your greatest achievement?
Escaping poverty, but not forgetting it


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