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 The Antifragile Classroom 

UAL Insights and the School of Media and Communications, LCF hosted
an online workshop for school teachers inviting me to share ideas
around radical pedagogies and its impact on student and staff wellbeing.
Our objective was to explore through practice the principles for a critical,
creative and joyful teaching and learning community that facilitates new
knowledge for both student and teacher. We considered the type of
individual and collective subjectivities we have the privilege to foster
in our communities, and how that experience is inherently aesthetic.

During the day we explored various pedagogic strategies that experiment
with alternative ideas of ourselves, our world and our futures
; choosing
where possible to be creative rather than reactive. This is a mindset
as explored in wider research through the Antifragile, and chimes
with ideas of a post-structuralist subjectivity that is creatives and
dynamic. The consideration of psychic wellbeing is founded upon
a subjectivity that is able to express themselves, connect with others
and their environment, and develop agency. The session explored how
we can incorporate these philosophical and political debates into our
classrooms through art and design practices by way of consciousness-
raising seminars, identity politics and character-building, and speculative
culture-building. The workshop (see below) offered a tool kit for
identity building and manifesto making that can be augmented for
student purposes.